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DSNWK now offering Shared Living

Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas (DSNWK) is proud to offer a new service called Shared Living. Shared Living is a nationally recognized model for residential services for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities. In Shared Living, one or two individuals share a home with a family or single adult’s family. The family (or contractor) provides support to individual(s) in accordance with their person-centered support plan. DSNWK provides training and ongoing support every step of the way by ensuring a good and rewarding experience.  

This newly-opened Shared Living model is an individualized Family-style form of residential services. This extended family atmosphere plays a significant role in supporting people with special needs in their everyday lives. “DSNWK will work to match individuals with a family who have similar interests and lifestyles,” states Sara Biggs, Director of Programs and Services. “Our goal is to now offer persons with disabilities this model of individualized support, love, and learning in a family environment.” 

Shared Living homes give people (contractors) the opportunity to earn a living while helping someone else live their best life. This opportunity will also give these independent contractors the ability to be home more, spend more time with family, and make a meaningful difference in their community and in the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

If you are interested in becoming a Shared Living Contractor or if you would like more information about DSNWK’s Shared Living program, contact Sara Biggs at 785-621-5329 or or Scott Stults at 785-621-5328 or


Heartland Foundation supports DSNWK with $1,500 grant 

Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas is proud to announce a grant award of $1,500 from the Heartland Community Foundation. The grant will be utilized for the purchase of construction materials and supplies essential for the relocation and expansion of our Custom Creations craft room at DSNWK’s Employment Connections' location at 660 Commerce Parkway in Hays,

This larger and better-defined area will optimize the efficiency of operations, making it easier to locate and utilize workspace and materials when needed.

“The crafting room will be better situated in the building and become an ideal space for the people we serve to use their talents to create custom home decor pieces that customers seek out,” states Jerry Michaud, DSNWK President.  “It will give them a more functional space to dream, work and create.”

The custom decor pieces that are created are sold at DSNWK’s Custom Creations store located at 1107 Main Street in downtown Hays. Custom Creations collaborates and develops the special talents of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who then earn money as they shares their amazing creations with the community.


Hays Lions Club supports DSNWK with grant

Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas is proud to announce that they have received a $500.00 grant award from the Hays Lions Club for the vision needs of the people they serve who have developmental disabilities.  The grant will go to support DSNWK's Consumer Medical Fund. This Fund assists individuals with the cost of medical items and care that are not covered by Medicaid, items such as eye glasses and other vision needs.  DSNWK would like to thank the Hays Lions Club for their continuous support of people with developmental disabilities.

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