Individuals, age 3 and older, who have developmental disabilities may qualify for case management services. Eligibility is determined by your Community Developmental Disability Organization (CDDO). They can assist you in gathering the information needed to determine eligibility. 

Individual Service Coordination, also known as targeted case management, is a comprehensive service designed to enable you and your family to locate, utilize and coordinate available resources and opportunities in your community.

Individual Service Coordinators (ISCs) are dedicated to assisting and empowering individuals and their families by:

A Committment to Quality

DSNWK provides Case Management services in the 18 counties of Northwest Kansas. Our Service Coordinators are qualified and professional individuals who are registered with the State of Kansas to provide Case Management Services.

Our Service Coordinators are dedicated to assisting and empowering individuals and their families by:

Life Planning

Your individualized Life Plan is based on your preferences, choices, and needs. Input is also obtained from family, guardian, significant people, staff and other support network personnel. All services and supports are documented through the life planning process. As the paths of your journey change, so will your life plan.

Targeted Case Management Services

Assessment- Gathering information by formal and informal evaluation methods to determine the person's desired lifestyle, potential risks, and needs. Obtaining pre-admission information from medical providers, specialists, behavioral planning, and other professionals.

Service/Support Planning- Developing, obtaining and updating the supports/services based on assessments and the individual's life plan (person centered support plan). A review of behavior and crisis planning as well as a review of choices and rights. Being knowledgeable about various types and availability of community services and support options.

Service/Support Coordination and Advocacy- Arranging, assessing, and securing supports and support systems with the individual. Assisting with obtaining financial assistance, benefit plans, social security, and various services.Providing informed choice following privacy and confidentiality standards and practices with releases and consents. Advocating for and with individuals in order to plan for desired lifestyles.

Monitoring and Follow Up- Ensuring that services are being provided as indicated in the life plan. Human rights being respected, health and safety issues properly addressed, and on site monitoring inspections are completed to verify services. Working with CDDO for quality assurance planning.

Transition and Portability- Planning and arranging for services to follow the person when there is a change in services and needs. This includes transitions from school to adult services, one kind of service or provider to another and moves to different communities.

Independent Living Counseling

Independent Living Counseling Services is a component of the Work Opportunities Reward Kansans (WORK) program. The program is designed to assist people to self-direct their services and manage their monthly assessed and budgeted financial allocation, and provide information and referral regarding community resources. DSNWK provides qualified Independent Living Counselors (ILC) who work to foster and maximize the individual’s independence through his/her individual strengths by providing accurate information regarding the available choices, and assisting them to access these services.

Children and Youth Services

DSNWK has made a commitment to provide support to children and youth and their families in appropriate natural settings. Through parent and professional collaboration, the goal is to secure appropriate community-based and family centered services to enable the child to remain in their homes, foster homes, and communities. Services are identified, developed, and provided in the home, school, and community to best meet the needs of both the child and the family.

Support within the child's school/educational program, including participating in Individual Education Plan (IEP) meetings, as requested.

Assistance in researching and securing funding for services, equipment, resources, and locating service providers for the youth and their family.

Transition Services, including assistance with changes in the child's life such as school transitions, family changes, and medical changes.

Life Planning - each youth has an individualized Life Plan that is developed with the individual, their family, and their support network. The Life Plan is a document that addresses the person's needs, goals, and interests as they progress from childhood to adulthood.

For more information regarding Individual Service Coordination, contact:

Lance VanKooten, Director of Service Coordination


DSNWK Service Coordination

P.O. Box 310

1310 Walnut St.

Hays, KS 67601