Project Rose

Project Rose is a popular fund with donors. Donations to this fund go to the “area of greatest” need within the organization, impacting all DSNWK services and locations throughout the 18 counties of northwest Kansas. 

Jim and Rose Blume Endowment

The Jim and Rose Blume Endowment was established in honor of DSNWK’s beloved and respected leader, Jim (former President/CEO) and his wife Rose.

While honoring this amazing couple for their many, many years of dedicated service to DSNWK and persons with disabilities, this fund will be an enduring, sustaining source of new funding to support the mission and vision of DSNWK in perpetuity.

Joey Weber Endowment

This endowment is the legacy of an Oakley, KS native with autism, Joey Weber, whose life was taken too soon. The Joey Weber Endowment was established in December, 2017 in memory of how Joey’s life was lived -- with independence and dignity. Family and friends now remember Joey for the honest, loving and independent man he was. 

Dr. Homer B. Reed Memorial Fund

In February 1967, the Homer B. Reed Adjustment and Training Center was opened in Hays, KS to serve individuals with disabilities in honor of co-founder, Dr. Homer B. Reed, Sr. Over the years the Reed Center and other disability related organizations throughout northwest Kansas merged to form Developmental Services of Northwest Kansas.

This fund, established by the descendents of Dr. Reed will assist DSNWK in the provision of services in the 18 counties of northwest Kansas.

Andy Betzen Endowment

In memory of Andy Betzen, this fund set up by Betzen's siblings will support DSNWK agency wide in perpetuity. Betzen came out of an institutionalized setting in 1988 and spent the remaining 28 years of his life supported by DSNWK. This fund is a reminder that siblings care just as much as a mother or father does.

Scheopner Family Fund

Donations to this fund will carry the legacy of the Scheopner Family by continuing the regional impact the family made on persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, and their families in northwest Kansas. Clarence Scheopner was a founding board member of DSNWK and  was instrumental in getting educational programs for those with special needs funded in northwest Kansas.

It is families like the Scheopners whose love and commitment changed what "normal" was in Kansas. They have made a lasting impact that gives hope to families that their child will live a life of dignity within the community, live close to home, and become empowered by the love of their family.

Staff Caring Program

Staff donate thousands of dollars through payroll deduction each year. Since 1992, funds raised through the Staff Caring Program go into Project Rose. To enroll in the program, fill out the enrollment form and send it to the Development Department at the Administrative Office, or drop off at your closest DSNWK office or with your supervisor.