2011 DSNWK News

Warren’s Vision Becomes Reality with Creation of The Turbbit


“It’s a story that I have always had in my mind,” expresses Jim Warren. “I finally decided to take the story and have it written and illustrated.” The story, which was made into a children’s book, is called “The Turbbit” and was created by Warren with the help of Bonnie Brady and Mallory Anderson. “Although it’s a story about a turtle and rabbit, it is more than that,” explains Warren. “It is about how each of us has something to offer, regardless of what perceptions may be out there.”

The book is dedicated to Warren’s two son’s Jason and Erik, who receive services from DSNWK. The Turbbit also comes with a coloring book. Both the hardcover book and coloring book can be purchased from Jim Warren through his website www.turbbit.com. Cost is $14.95 for the book and $3.95 for the coloring book plus $4.95 shipping and handling. Books are also available at DSNWK’s Administrative Offices.

Local Legislators Attend Special Town Hall Meeting


Senator Allen Schmidt , Representative Eber Phelps, and Representative Dan Collins participated in a special Town Hall Meeting held at the Hays Public Library held on November 17th. A crowd of approximately 50 people attended the meeting sponsored by the Big Tent Coalition and Kansans for Quality Communities and was one of several town hall meetings that took place across the state.

Both coalitions represent Kansans who believe that the quality of our communities is at risk of being lowered if our state budget is cut any further than it already has been. The Town Hall Meeting also included several individuals representing various aspects of the two coalitions on a panel. Matt Fletcher with InterHab was on the panel and represented DD services.

Golf tournament a Boost to Esther’s Place


Organizers of the golf tournament to benefit Esther’s Place are pleased to announce that over $25,000 was raised from the event. The 4 person scramble tournament was held on Saturday, September 24th at the Ellis Country Club and organized by Belinda and Neil DeWerff. The event also included a steak and shrimp dinner, auction and dance following the tournament. Esther’s Place is a group home for 6 women with developmental disabilities served by DSNWK. DSNWK would like to say “thank you” to all those who made the golf tournament possible. “We truly appreciate the overwhelming participation from the community, the many donors, and organizers,” stated Jerry Michaud, DSNWK President. “There were many hands that contributed to the tournament’s success and it would be impossible to thank everyone individually. Please know that your hard work and support did not go unnoticed!”