Fam-Link offers ABC (attachment & biobehavioral catch-up) to parents and caregivers of babies who are between 6 and 24 months old. 

ABC strengthens your relationship with your child, while helpings your child to learn to regulate behaviors and emotions. 

The ABC program will help you identify and respond to your baby's signals.  As a result,  your relationship with your child can help to protect him or her from stress, early challenges, and adversity. 

The ABC program includes:

Ten weekly 1-hour sessions in your home. During session, you play with your child and discuss parenting your child with an ABC provider. 

Parents receive positive feedback during sessions. The ABC provider reviews video clips with you and comments on your parenting skills. 

The ten week program ends with a celebration and a special gift- a set of video clips of you and your child interacting during the ABC program.