COVID-19 Response

Developmental Services is working diligently to provide our individuals, staff and family with the most up to date information possible. Understanding that this crisis is a fluid situation and anything is subject to change at any given moment. We thank all of you for being so understanding and patient as we all work through this crisis.

As a guiding principle in all of this, our desire is and has been for people to remain healthy and safe. DSNWK will implement restrictions based on the positivity rate of counties where staff and persons served work or reside.

Mask Wearing Requirements:

Effective February 22, 2022, masks are generally not required unless certain conditions exist.

DSNWK will continue to monitor COVID-19 cases within DSNWK sites, locations, agency wide or community transmission and can implement mask wearing requirements based on cases or for events of large gatherings. DSNWK will honor the right of staff and individuals served to continue wearing a mask if desired.

  1. DSNWK requires all staff to wear a (K)N95 masks in the following circumstances:

  • Any Essential Worker & Non Essential Worker (Vaccinated) who has had exposure would be required to wear a (K)N95 mask for 10 days, regardless of work site.

  • Nonessential Worker (Unvaccinated) who has had exposure would be required to quarantine for 5 days followed by wearing a (K)N95 for an additional 5 days regardless of worksite.

  1. 3-ply surgical masks must be worn in the following cases:

  • For NEMT, Public Transportation, KDOT Vehicle transportation, drivers are required to wear masks. For passengers, masks are to be worn as tolerated.

  • For businesses/medical facilities that require masks.

Common Practices:

  • Maintain physical distancing when possible at work and in your personal life.

  • Practice hand hygiene.

  • Routine sanitizing, spraying, and disinfecting.

  • Follow Infection Control policy 1.I.28.

  • If you feel like you are starting to have symptoms while working, check your temperature. If you are running a temperature at or above 100.4 degrees, you will leave work and contact your supervisor immediately. If you are not running a temperature, but are not feeling well, contact your supervisor to review the signs and symptoms of illness and determine if you need to leave.

Visitor Procedures:

  • Signs will be posted encouraging visitors to wear a mask upon entry to DSNWK locations.

  • A “No Visitor” policy will be implemented at a residential site if there is a positive case within that site. Under these circumstances, only essential workers will be allowed into the home.

DSNWK will continue to comply with all state, federal, and local requirements regarding COVID-19 and continue to test for COVID-19 as needed. Vaccinations and boosters continue to be provided in all locations through local health professionals.

Please see below links to websites for helpful information. If you have any questions regarding our policies with COVID-19 please give us a call 785-625-5678.